Citi’s businesses in Asia Pacific are excited to review a wide variety of ideas from developers. Here is some background on our company to help you get started.

Citi’s consumer business in Asia Pacific provides banking products and services to a mobile savvy customer base through digital banking, branch technology and contactless payment experiences. The business constantly seeks innovative solutions that might address increasing mobile customer acquisition, deepening engagement to drive loyalty, driving card spend and providing a differentiated interactive experience.

Citi’s institutional business helps clients raise capital markets funding, acts as a major facilitator in global flows and transactions, and leads bespoke wealth management services to ultra-high-net-worth clients, including a third of Asia's billionaires. New digital solutions might offer improved experiences for our corporate, government and institutional clients, and could even be the next-generation of existing business-as-usual technologies.


Citi shares a variety of APIs from the bank and other leading financial and technology partners to help developers create real-world innovations that could function with existing Citi technology. We encourage you to also use APIs made available outside of Citi, with permission of the API owner, to support and add additional features to your innovations.

If you find that your designs need an API from Citi that is not listed, feel free to create and stub it at your end. Only test data from Citi is used, ensuring that customers' information remains protected.

The API docs can be accessed at

In order to access Citi Mobile Challenge APIs from a software application, you will need an API key, referred to as CLIENT_ID within the API documentation. Selected participants may access their unique CLIENT_ID on the Submission page (requires login).

Here is an overview of the various APIs that Citi Mobile Challenge participants will have access to:

Global Consumer Banking

Retail Banking

  • Account Summary
  • Authenticate User
  • Balance Details
  • Branch and ATM locations
  • FX Rates
  • List Payee Types
  • List Payees
  • Transactions History
  • Transfer Funds to Account or Payee
  • Redeem Rewards
  • Rewards Catalog

Institutional Clients Group

Corporate Payments

  • Authenticate User
  • Book FX Deal
  • Create New Account
  • Initiate Cross Border Payment
  • Initiate Domestic Payment
  • List Accounts
  • List Recent Cross Border Payment
  • List Recent Domestic Payments
  • Manage Beneficiaries
  • Quote FX Rate
  • Retrieve Account Info
  • Retrieve Payment Info
  • Update Account Info

Markets and Securities Services

Capital Markets Trading

  • Authenticate User
  • Cancel Order
  • Content Services
  • Order Status Inquiry
  • Place Order
  • Request For Quote

Revenue Analytics and Client Relationship Management

  • Retrieve Activities
  • Retrieve Contacts
  • Retrieve Revenue Analytics

Global Consumer Banking

More information about Citi's Global Consumer Bank can be found at and

Citi's Global Consumer Bank (GCB) serves 139 million accounts in 24 markets with a strategic focus on areas in which the bank's unique global network, brand, and customer-centric products and services provide a competitive advantage. GCB aims to deliver a remarkable experience to clients through industry-leading products and services, next-generation retail formats and world-class digital channels.

Retail Banking

Retail Banking

Citi uses APIs to build many of its award-winning Digital products for consumers all over the world. The following subset of APIs from the Citi Mobile® app has been made available to Citi® Mobile Challenge participants:

  • Account Summary – Retrieve a summary of accounts that are linked to the user
  • Authenticate User – Validate user credentials (username and password) and retrieve an authorization token required for subsequent API calls in this section
  • Balance Details – Retrieve detailed balance information for the specified account
  • Branch and ATM locations – Retrieve information about branch and ATM locations based on geo-location coordinates or address
  • FX Rates – Retrieve current FX rate for transferring funds across different currency accounts
  • List Payee Types – Retrieve a list of Payee Types supported by the bank
  • List Payees – Retrieve a list of previously created Payees linked to the user
  • Transactions History –Retrieve list of recent transactions performed on the specified account
  • Transfer Funds to Account or Payee – Submit a funds transfer to a linked account or payee
  • Redeem Rewards – Submit a reward redemption request for a certain catalog item
  • Rewards Catalog – Retrieve the catalog of items that can be redeemed with the 'reward points'

Institutional Clients Group

More information about Citi's Institutional Clients Group can be found at

Corporate Payments

Corporate Payments

Worldlink® Payment Services provides Financial Institutions, Public Sector, Corporations and Third-Party Administrators the ability to access a sophisticated cross-border payments system via a single interface.

  • Book FX Deal - Accept & book the foreign exchange deal for the rate provided to be utilized in cross border payment
  • Initiate Payment – Cross Border - Initiate cross border payment to a beneficiary
  • List Recent Payment – Cross Border - Retrieve recent payment for cross border
  • Retrieve Payment Info – Cross Border - Retrieve current status and information posted for the specified payment
  • Quote FX Rate - Retrieve a rate for foreign exchange to be used for a cross border payment

Treasury and Trade Solutions (TTS) is an integral part of Citi's Institutional Clients group, serving public sector clients, corporates and financial institutions in over 120 countries. TTS' innovative solutions help clients streamline and automate processes, mitigate risk and expand their reach.

Citi's Treasury and Trade Solutions group is making the following APIs available as part of Citi® Mobile Challenge.

  • Authenticate User – Validate user credentials (username and password) and retrieve an authorization token required for subsequent API calls in this section
  • Create New Account – Initiate request to create a new corporate payments account
  • Initiate Payment - Domestic – Initiate a payment from an account to a beneficiary
  • List Accounts – Retrieve all corporate payments accounts user is authorized to access
  • List Recent Payments - Domestic – Retrieve recent payments made from an account
  • Manage Beneficiaries – APIs to create, update and retrieve beneficiaries
  • Retrieve Account Info – Retrieve corporate payments account information by account_id
  • Retrieve Payment Info - Domestic – Retrieve current status and information posted for the specified payment
  • Update Account Info – Update corporate payments account information

More information about Citi's services in the corporate payments space can be found at

Markets and Securities Services

More information about Citi's Markets and Security Services can be found at

Capital Markets Trading

Capital Markets Trading

Citi Markets provides world-class products and financing solutions for corporations, governments, and institutional and retail investors through our dominant underwriting, sales and trading, and distribution capabilities.

The following APIs are optimized for mobile devices and represent a subset of messages that Citi offers to clients via the industry-standard FIX protocol:

  • Authenticate User – Validate user credentials (username and password) and retrieve an authorization token required for subsequent API calls in this section
  • Cancel Order – Cancel an existing order
  • Content Service – Retrieve market data containing Citi's proprietary ideas, world-class research, video and commentary, based on Citi Velocity
  • Order Status Inquiry – Retrieve status information on an existing order
  • Place Order – Submit new order
  • Request for Quote – Request for quote for a particular product

For more information, check out the Markets product website at

Revenue Analytics and Client Relationship Management

Revenue Analytics and Client Relationship Management

In the Capital Markets business, Citi has several large financial institutions as clients. A Sales Person from Citi often needs an ability to view a snapshot of revenue analytics and relationship data for a specific client before a meeting or phone call with the client.

These APIs provide access to revenues analytics (sales and profits across different products), activities (e.g. emails, phone calls), and get a list of contacts at a client.

  • Retrieve Activities – Retrieve a list of activities (e.g. emails, phone calls, meetings) conducted across all clients and accounts managed by a specific Sales Person
  • Retrieve Contacts – Retrieve a list of contacts (e.g. individual traders and/or advisors) across all clients and accounts managed by a specific Sales Person
  • Retrieve Revenue Analytics – Retrieve a portfolio of all revenue information across all clients and accounts managed by a specific Sales Person

For more information, check out the MSS Investor Relationship website at

Citi® Mobile Challenge APIs are brought to you through a partnership with AnyPresence.


The AnyPresence platform provides a fast way to develop APIs for apps that run on modern mobile and web-connected devices. It enables organizations to support developer ecosystems and hackathons with modern APIs powered by:

  • App Gateway (for REST API creation)
  • Mobile Backend Server or MBaaS (for robust integration)
  • Cross-platform Smart SDKs (for app developers)
  • Starter user interface templates (for instant sample apps)

Strategic Sponsors APIs

Collaborator APIs



Allianz Worldwide Partners is the world’s leading B2B2C specialist for global automotive business, expat health and life cover, and assistance services.

They deliver integrated solutions that combine insurance, assistance and technology and provide worldwide protection and care.

With their proven expertise in the provision of automotive, international health and assistance products and services, they offer solutions, which match the needs for globally standardized requirements just as much as for locally tailored ones. They can do so thanks to their far reaching geographical presence, their Global Competence Centres and their skilled international network of staff and providers, which operate 24/7, 365 days a year.

Their Insurance and Assistance API offers easy access to insurance (for travel, breakdown, home, mobile devices, and more) and assistance (for home, travel, vehicle, and health), to help consumers solve everyday challenges. Click here to access the API documentation.

For any questions regarding the Allianz API please send an email.



Baidu was founded in 2000 by Internet pioneer Robin Li, with the mission of providing people with the best way to find information and connect users with services.

To provide intelligent, relevant search results for the tens of billions of queries that are entered into their search platform every day, they focus on powering the best technology optimized for up-to-date local tastes and preferences. Their deep understanding of Chinese language and culture is central to their success and this kind of knowledge allows us to tailor their search technology for their users’ needs. Just to cite one example, they believe there are at least 38 ways of saying "I" in the Chinese language. It is important that they recognize these nuances to effectively address their users’ requests.

Baidu Search Marketing Service API provides a suite of web services that allow developers to interact with Baidu servers directly by API. Based on API, developers can build their own applications to manage their search marketing accounts.



Citi and MasterCard are working together to present the following selection of featured APIs from MasterCard available on MasterCard's Developer Zone.

  • Simplify Commerce (supported in UK and EU)
  • Merchant Identifier
  • MoneySend
  • Places
  • MasterPass - Merchant Checkout
  • Fraud Scoring for Merchants
  • Lost-Stolen Account List

Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters is the world's leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals.

Thomson Reuters combines industry expertise with innovative technology to deliver critical information to leading decision makers in the financial and risk, legal, tax and accounting, intellectual property and science and media markets, powered by the world's most trusted news organization.

The Thomson Reuters Permanent Identifier uniquely identifies objects in the financial industry domain including organizations, instruments, funds, issuers, and people.

PermID coupled with the Thomson Reuters Intelligent Tagging API brings real time intelligence to your unstructured data. It's not what intelligent tagging does, but what you can do with it.

Identify the best opportunities, make your content richer, and turn big data into precise advantage with Thomson Reuters Intelligent Tagging.

Check it out!


Watch the video:

Infographic of PermID:

Enabler APIs



Citi and Uber are collaborating to create opportunities by using the Uber API to bridge the gap between Financial Technology and consumers. Details available at

  • Show available Uber products
  • Display price estimates to users
  • Provide time estimates to users
  • Explore a user's activity
  • Get your user details
  • More endpoints coming soon

Yellow Pepper

Yellow Pepperber

A mobile wallet API for secure transactions. Create your wallet, load any type of card, and generate a secure payment code for all types of purchases with the Yepex wallet API.

The API handles everything from registration, user details, wallet management, payment, receipt and refunds. Solve painful payment situations or create an awesome user experience and let Yepex do the rest.



Use Yodlee financial APIs to access rich financial account and transactional data to build innovative financial apps and online banking solutions.

Yodlee Aggregation API can be used to develop wide variety of application ranging from small apps used daily by individual users to a full fledge PFM applications which financial institutions all over the world host to their customers. Listed below are few of such examples.

  • Travel – accessing all your travel rewards from a single app (frequent flyer, hotel, car rental).
  • Loyalty – accessing all schemes including credit card for monitoring cashback etc.
  • Investment Advise – Manage user’s all on-line investment accounts.
  • Online accounting - providing business owners with real-time visibility of their financial position in a way that’s simple, smart and secure.
  • SME Lending - online financing solution dedicated to supporting online merchants growth through a sophisticated and automated online platform which provides immediate short-term funding.
  • Budgeting - Bring all your accounts together in one place. They make it easy for you to review, budget and plan your money so you can get on with the things in life you really love.
  • Financial Advice - connect people with the right financial information, product or advice according to your individual requirements.

Categories of transaction and account data are divided into Expense, Income, Transfer, Deferred Compensation and Unknown. Refer to Transaction Categories to see the full list.

Please go through a list of terms [here] for better understanding.

Should you need any assistance with registration or using Yodlee’s APIs during the course of Citi Mobile Challenge, you may contact us at the following email address:



PayCommerce is a leading global payment network which connects over 80 correspondent banks in 72+ countries and enables payments, collections and settlement in 80 currencies.

PayCommerce offers three collections of APIs

1) Cross Border Disbursements APIs:
These APIs enable the full cross-border transaction workflow from authentication and transaction details to payment review and authorization. End users gain complete transparency into the global payment workflow.

  • Authenticate
  • Send Payment Instruction
  • Get Transaction Details
  • Review and Authorize
  • Payment Authorization via

2) Global Collections APIs:
These APIs power the full process of authentication, authorization to detailed payment reconciliation and reimbursement.

  • Authenticate
  • Authorize Customer
  • Merchant Payment Reconciliation
  • Merchant Initiated Customer Refund

3) Enterprise Payments APIs:
These APIs power and streamline the global invoicing workflow from invoice creation and supporting documents upload through the workflow approval, payment and reporting process; enabling complete transparency.

  • Create Invoice
  • Attach Supported Documents
  • Invoice Approver Workflow
  • Payment API
  • Reporting APIs

If you have any question for Pay Commerce, please reach out via Skype, support.gpaylab or email.



PayU India is a leading provider of online payments collection products for Indian merchants, with specific, state-of-the-art offerings for large enterprises and SMBs.

Details available at and

  • Transaction status and other information
  • Transaction updates
  • Transaction initiation
  • Payment option downtime identification
  • Settlement information
  • Stored card management
  • Marketplace settlement
  • White-labelled wallet
  • Quick checkout using PayUmoney-RBL eWallet
  • More APIs in the pipeline